Explanation of the University Symbol :

  1. The center of the picture is an image of the world with a book on top of it, symbolizing the universality of science;
  2. The dove symbolizes the presence of holy spirit-wisdom spirit and knowledge, the cross symbolizes love and spirit of sacrifice;
  3. The circular pentagon symbolizes Pancasila;
  4. The yellow color symbolizes the nobility of the soul;
  5. Red and white symbolize courage and sincerity to explore and reveal scientific truths;
  6. The blue color symbolizes the depth and breadth of unlimited knowledge;
  7. The cup which contains a pentagon circle bearing Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya symbolizes the place of knowledge; 
  8. The lotus flower at the base of the cup symbolizes wisdom.

The whole symbol means Widya Mandala Catholic University is a forum for the world of knowledge based on Pancasila and inspired by Christian spirit

Instructions for using the logo and colors:


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