Multimedia and Digital Language Laborator

Head of Lab Drs. B. HIMAWAN SETYO WIBOWO, M.Hum.
Description This lab is made to support the implementation of teaching, research, and       community service in the fields of Listening and Teaching Listening. The main activity is developing materials on Listening teaching by utilizing in digital technology.
Research Collaboration
Services Offered
  1. Exercise and workshop to increase English proficiency.
  2. Exercise and workshop to develop Listening materials.
Contact Jl. Kalijudan no. 37
Kampus Kalijudan UKWM Surabaya
Work: +62-31-3893933 ext. 120
Cell Phone: +62-8175166236


Description This is an independent English learning facility for students to use outside of lecture hours, depending on the needs and time of the students. The material is presented in the form of exercises that can be done in a single time which is equivalent to 1 credit hour in various topics of English for all four English skills and components. The main focus of the material presented is English grammar material that is related to topics in the Structure class in accordance with the curriculum. If students need help, they will be assisted by counselors. This lab also provides activities that use English to communicate that are packaged in cultural events.
Research Collaboration
Services Offered A service is offered to high school principles  to use the English self learning facilities for high school students.
Contact Jl. Kalijudan no. 37
Kampus Kalijudan UKWM Surabaya,
Work: +62-31-3891265 ext. 254, 303

Teaching Practice (Micro Teaching) Laboratory

Head of Lab Dr. V. LULUK PRIJAMBODO, M.Pd.
Description This laboratory functions as a technical implementation unit with the main task of assisting the Simulation (Teaching) lectures for students in Physics and for Micro Teaching Study Programs of English Education students. In addition, at the faculty level, this laboratory has the main task of implementing technical courses in Field Experience Practice (PPL) or Teaching Practice for students who have passed the Simulation or Micro Teaching courses by placing them in PPL partner schools (high schools ) in the Surabaya area.

To support its main tasks and functions, this laboratory is equipped with two learning simulation rooms (micro teaching classrooms) and supporting learning resources and materials to strengthen the professional, pedagogical, social, and personal competencies of prospective teachers. In addition, this laboratory has standby assistants who are friendly and useful when assisting with technical and administrative tasks to students participating in Micro Teaching or PPL (Teaching Practice) courses.

Research Collaboration This laboratory has the opportunity to conduct research collaborations (collaborative studies) with relevant parties in the field of teacher education policy, professionalization of teaching staff (teachers), curriculum, media and learning methods, as well as education / teacher ethics.
Services Offered This laboratory provides learning training services for the teachers community to improve their teaching competency, especially pedagogical competence, through trainings:

1) comprehensive training in the preparation of RPP;
2) training in the development of learning materials;
3) training in strengthening strategies / learning methods;
4) training in the development of learning evaluation tools;
5) classroom management training .

Contact Jl. Kalijudan no. 37
Kampus Kalijudan UKWM Surabaya
Phone : +62-31-5678478 ext 470
Cell Phone : +62- 81 857 1964

Reading and Writing Laboratory

Head of Lab Dra. M.N. SITI MINA TAMAH, Ph.D.
Description The purpose of this lab is to organize workshops related to Reading and Writing, and develop teaching materials or training modules related to Reading and Writing.
Research Collaboration Development of Reading and Writing Teaching Materials.
Services Offered The workshop deals with developing reading and writing skills.
Contact Jl. Kalijudan no. 37
Kampus Kalijudan UKWM Surabaya
Work : +62-31-3891265 ext. 121
Cell Phone : +62-81232028552