The English Language Education Study Program educates their students to become professional, moral and superior graduates with Bachelor of English Education in teaching English by utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


What is learned in English Language Education Study Program ?

Course subjects include the following groups:

  • Matriculation class: Intensive Course
  • English abilities: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Grammar
  • Teacher training: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English to Young Learners, Curriculum and Material Development, Micro Teaching, and Practice Field Experience.
  • Linguistic: Introduction to Linguistics, English Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, and Discourse.
  • Literature: Drama, Prose and Poetry.
  • Elective courses: divided into Business, Primary Level Education, Translation, and IT fields.
  • Cross-study courses: in collaboration with the Faculty of Communication Science to take the following courses: Photography, Graphic Design, Cinematography, Basic Public Relations


How is the study carried out ?

  • Courses in the English Education Study Program are taught by lecturers with a qualification of a professor (the highest level in Indonesia), Doctor/PhD degree level, dan Master degree level.
  • Through collaboration with various highs schools, whether those are public high school or private high schools, students will get an ideal place for their Practice Field Experience.
  • A conducive teaching environment that allows students to achieve optimally and receive as much as experience possible conducting research with lecturers, attending seminars with lecturers and other students, becoming a tutor/mentor for other students, and other activities in the Practice Field Experience.
  • Learning facilities that help increase the quality of studying and the achievement, such as the following laboratories:
    • Independent Learning Laborator (Self Access Center)
    • Digital Language Laboratory
    • Multimedia Laboratory
    • Reading dan Writing Laboratory
    • Micro Teaching Laboratory

The complete facility was obtained from the I-MHERE Competition Grant (2006 – 2010), funded by the government through the Higher Education department.

Various Curricular activities: Total Immersion Days (in Bali or Singapore), English Week, Cultural Events, Guest Lectures, and opportunities for participation in competitions at regional and national levels.

  • Various extracurricular activities : Total Immersion Days (in Bali or Singapore), English Week, Cultural Events, Guest Lectures, and opportunities for participation in competitions at regional and national levels.
  • At the end of their study, all graduates will receive a Teaching Certificate.


What do graduates do for their future career ?

Graduates of this program will have the skills to:Lulusan PSP Bahasa Inggris memiliki kemampuan:

  • Master English and being able to teach it at elementary, middle and high school level
  • Teach English to Young Learners
  • Teach non-English subjects (eg Mathematics, Science) using the English Language (Teaching English Language across Curriculum)
  • Create a computer-based English teaching program (CALL)
  • Work as a translator or an interpreter, both written and oral, in the field of translation
  • Manage English language courses and other businesses in education.

In addition to a career in education being a teacher, course owner, and manager in the field of education, graduates of the English Education Study Program with proficient English language skills also occupy various other professions, namely banking, export-import, tourism, translation, etc.