Various fields of student activities are divided into several groups based on interest:

Reasoning, Science, and Leadership Interest :

Scientific forum / seminar discussion groups. leadership training, and regional as well as national scientific activities

Sports and Game Interests :

Basketball, volleyball, futsall, futbol/soccer, table tennis, badminton, fitness, self defense types, such as Ju Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kyokushinkai, Kempo; and for games, such as chess, bridge

Arts, Crafts, Specific activities for Ladies Interest :

Band, modern dance, vocal group, choir, traditional dance, drama, Indonesia traditional musical instruments such as Karawitan, Angklung, Kolintang; and specific activities for the females students only.

Personality Development and Community Service Interest:

Peer counseling & team work training, personality development, social/community services, management skills training

Spirituality Interest :

Development of Catholic values that is universal and for the purpose of developing true comradery and connection between students.; interfaith dialogue, celebration for various religious big days, spiritual pilgrimage, and doing something for the poor.

Other activities :

Nature Lovers Community, Flag Raiser Community, Student Journalist Press group, Photography Community, Cantate Domino Choir community