Faculty of Medicine of WMCUS was established with the aim of producing graduates of doctors who have faith in God and who are virtuous, reliable and professional with high dedication and empathy in providing service with love.

What Students Learn

Medicine is a combination of science and art that deals with diseases and other disorders of the body and soul, which includes efforts for health promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and rehabilitation. Medicine as a science systematically learns the basis of medical science, public health science and clinical science. Medicine as a profession focuses on the application of knowledge, abilities and expertise possessed in the process of prevention and management of the disease holistically.

Graduates who have finished a bachelor degree in medicine the Faculty of Medicine at WMCUS can immediately continue to take their professional study to get a degree to become a doctor. Credit hour expenses that must be taken are 45 credits and the length of study is 4 semesters with an emphasis on clinical abilities.

Vision and Mission of the Medical Doctor Professional Study Program


To be a Medical Doctor Professional Study Program that is based on Pancasila to produce graduates of medical professional doctors that have passed the Indonesian Doctor Competency Standards, have high moral integrity, excellent soft skills, the care for the community, and the passion in serving.


  1. Organizing a medical doctor professional study programs by using a curriculum based on Indonesian Doctor Competency Standards, so as to produce graduates who are professional and competent in ethics, medicolegal, and patient safety.
  2. Carrying out education, research and community service with skills and understanding in information management and health problems, especially in the field of family medicine and geriatric compassion.
  3. Organizing and developing governance of clinical clerical programs, family medicine, and public health with a timely and smooth continuity.
  4. Encouraging the Faculty of Medicine institutions as part of Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya as a Life Improving University which prioritizes the Care, Commit, Enthusiasm values (Peduli, Komit, Antusias/PeKA) as its core values so that its alumni always have the lifelong learning abilities.

In order to fulfill this medical doctor professional program, students need to be educated in accordance with current competency standards. The references used in the Faculty of Medicine’s curriculum are the Indonesian Doctors Competency Standards (SKDI) issued by the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI) in 2012. Seven areas of SKDI 2012 competencies are implemented in WMCUS Faculty of Medicine’s curriculum, namely:

  1. Noble professionalism
  2. Self-awareness and self-development
  3. Effective communication
  4. Information management
  5. The scientific foundation of medical science
  6. Clinical skills
  7. Management of health problems

In order to fulfill the moral integrity part, students are educated through intra-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students are trained to develop moral concepts and thoughts. The graduates of Faculty of Medicine are expected to be morally and dignified people because the medical profession is a noble profession. In realizing excellent soft skills, students are educated for the development of soft skills in both intra-curricular and extracurricular activities. The graduates are expected to be ready and able to work in the real world. The application of soft skills is carried out in every learning activity. In order to care for the community, students are educated not only theoretically, but also practically in the field. The graduates are therefore expected to be proficient in society, responsive to health problems that occur in the community, and able to be a problem solver. In order to realize service with love, students are educated in intra-curricular and extracurricular activities. Service with love is a service that prioritizes quality, dignity and humanity. The reason for providing quality services is for students not only to get material/financial, but also to serve as a human being who loves other human beings.


Educational Collaborations

1. RS PHC, Surabaya
2. RS Gotong Royong, Surabaya
3. RSAL dr Ramelan, Surabaya
4. RS Jiwa Menur, Surabaya
5. RS Jiwa Rajiman Wediodiningrat, Lawang
6. RS Bhayangkara, Surabaya
7. RS Jasem, Sidoarjo

East Java Provincial Health Office

Surabaya City Health Office
Public Health Clinics in Surabaya
Gresik City Health Office

Public Health Clinics in Gresik