Accounting Diploma Study Program is a study program that produces a professional accounting expert with knowledge and abilities in financial business accounting and taxation that is based on information & technology.

What is learned in the Accounting Diploma Study Program?

– Lectures are equipped with practical modules so that students can understand business processes, accounting and taxation easier and according to real practice. Specific courses that can be selected to support a future career in accounting:

  • Introduction to Accounting Practices: Provides clerical understanding and skills through the completion of cases in the field ranging, starting from the process of recording transaction documents from service and trading companies and all the way until the preparation of financial report form.
  • Financial Accounting Practices: Provides an understanding of financial reporting preparation skills and disclosures on financial statements, error analysis and accounting for pensions with the use of financial accounting cases in the working world.
  • Cost Accounting Practices: Provides understanding and skills in calculating and recording manufacturing company costs as a cost report of manufactured goods; able to perform cost control analysis and provision of information for managers for decision making by using real life cases of finance and accounting.
  • Business Administration Practices: Provides understanding and skills for office work, communication management, data management and the connection between one job and another.
  • Tax Practices: Provides understanding and skills in tax calculation, reporting and payments of tax, and arranging financial reports for fiscal purposes and filling out various tax returns.
  • Accounting Examination Practices: Providing comprehension and examination skills from the initial stage of checking the cost reports of a company’s financial statements to the completion of the examination.
  • Practice of Financial Report Preparation: Provides comprehension and skills of financial reporting for all types of industries in a complete and integrated way in accordance to Indonesia’s financial accounting standard and taxation regulations.

How is the study carried out in the Accounting Diploma Study Program?

The curriculum is designed to provide ready-to-work skills in the areas of business and finance accounting and taxation, collaborating with practitioners from Public Accountants, Tax Consultants, internship cooperation programs in public accounting firms, tax consultants, and manufacturing companies such as Pentatrust, P.T. Ikan Dorang, KAP Paul Hadiwinata Hidajat Arsono & Rekan, P.T. HM Sampoerna and P.T. Jamu Iboe.

What are the career paths for graduates?

Graduates can have a career working in the following lists of possible places but not limited only to these

  • Public Accounting Firms, such as Ernst & Young, Amir Abadi Jusuf, Adi Jimmy Arthawan, Hany Wolfrey, PKF Business Consult, etc.
  • Tax Consultants and Accounting companies: PB & Co, Pentratrust, etc.
  • Practitioners in companies: P.T. HM. Sampoerna, P.T. Supra Gold, P.T. Alumindo, etc.