The IBM program is designed for well-motivated and highly ambitious students who would like to make a career in international business. The program aims to hone their skills in all the theoretical and practical aspects of international business and management. Having an international scope, the courses are conducted in the English language.


Program Objective

Our program will equip the students in all the aspects of international business with a strong foundation in marketing, purchasing, distribution, planning, and manufacturing. Emphasis will also be given on ethics and social responsibility through our unique character-based curriculum and the one-on-one coaching program.


Program Duration

The IBM is a four year (8-semester) program. The final semester is dedicated to the internship training program working together with selected companies and institutions.


Our Unique IBM Curriculum

Year 1

Philosophy of Man
Ideology and Statesmanship
Introduction to Business Business Math
Philosophy of Religion
Business English 1 & 2
Introduction to Management
Indonesian Economic Policy
Business Statistics
Indonesian Business Law
Principles of Accounting

Year 2

Marketing Management
Cost Accounting
Cross Cultural Communication Microeconomics
Business Communication
Operations Research
Human Resource Management
Industrial Organization
Consumer Behavior
International Economics Production and Operations Management Accounting
Mgmt Information Systems
Logistics Management

Year 3

International Business Mgmt
Retail Management
Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Financial Management Organizational
Management Elective 1 & 2
International Marketing Mgmt
Strategic Management
Warehouse Management International
Human Resource
International Financial Mgmt

Year 4

International Business Research
Good Corporate Governance & CSR
Export and Import Management
Global Logistics and Supply Chain
International Business Law Internship
Special Topics in International Business


Internship Program

The Internship program will be a full semester hands-on training work program with our corporate partners.

Projects for students may include working on solving real-life business problems, undertaking industry or sector-level studies, market research, export-import processes, and supply-chain management research.


Double Degree Program

IBM Program currently has Double Degree Program with Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle Australia. Design of the program is 2+1+1, first two years in Indonesia, one year in Newcastle University and Final Year in Indonesia.


The One-on-One Mentoring

The one-on-one mentoring program is a casual session between a faculty member and a student. Its aim is to bring the integration of knowledge, skills, and values down to the personal level. Each student is assigned his/her mentor upon entry into the university. This system of personal formation is a regular and confidential conversation between the student and his or her mentor about student life.

In principle, the sessions are held for thirty (30) minutes, once a month.



Manufacturing: Purchasing, materials management, production processes

Retailing: customer service centers, supplier support, inventory management

Logistics Service Provider: warehousing, transport management, distribution systems

Consultancies: counsel clients on logistics and supply chain management


International Collaboration

IBM Program has academic collaborations with five foreign universities: Chung Hwa University and Chung Chou University in Taiwan, Adamson University, De La Salle University (Dasmarinas), and University of Asia and The Pacific Philppines



What global experts say about the current trends in international business?


“Basically all the world’s computer parts come from the same supply chain that runs from Korea, down through coastal China, over to Taiwan, and down to Malaysia.”

Thomas Friedman, award-winning New York Times columnist and author of world’s bestseller, The World is Flat


“At P&G, we decided to stop being so company-centric, and start being customer-centric and demand-driven. We found when you do that, some amazing things happen.”

Ralph Drayer, former supply chain VP at Procter & Gamble and founder and chairman of consulting firm Supply Chain Insights


“For our business, most of them turn out to be customer insights. Look at what’s important to the customers in our consumer-facing business. They want selection, low prices, and fast delivery.”

Mr. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,


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