Welcome to our Community Engagement for Development – Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya

(CED-WMCUS) 2018!


This program is inspired by the core values of our university: Care, Commit, and Enthusiast; as well as by the vision of our Management Study Program: “To be the leading management study program in Indonesia in 2025 that produces business professionals with managerial, technical, and ethical capabilities to solve business and societal problems.”

It comes to my mind, what will be a better way to educate the millennials? How can we prepare them better in facing the future challenges of the society? Then I remember an old saying of Confucius: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”. Yes, service learning is the right answer to these questions.

I believe this program, which is embedded with service learning, social entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural living approaches, will be a unique learning opportunity, not only for our students but also for students of our partner institutions.

This info sheet includes the offerings of the program. I am sure that you will find something of interest. We provide a perfect setting to extend student’s learning experience by giving them the opportunity to be innovative and to discover new skills.

Come and join our community engagement program where you can meet new friends, have fun, learn something new, and enjoy a range of memorable experiences. Seize the opportunity, get engaged with the community, and come away with lifelong memories.

Dr. Lodovicus Lasdi MM., AkDr. Lodovicus Lasdi

Dean of the Faculty of Business


CED-WMCUS is a community engagement program that utilizes social entrepreneurship approaches for stimulating socio-economic development and environmental sustainability in the local communities.

The program provides structured opportunities for student participants to interact and work across cultures in developing sound ideas for a better future.