WMCUS is an A accredited university, given by the National Accreditation Body for Higher Educational Institution (BAN-PT) with the Decree Number: 2994/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/PT/XII/2016). WMCUS is recognized as one of the 50 selected universities of the Directorate General of Higher Education that are eligible to be promoted abroad (50 Promising Indonesian Universities) and is one of the 58 universities in Indonesia that fulfills the qualifications for quality assurance. The university has also been awarded as the Top 5 Universities in the fields of Governance, Student Affairs, and Research and Community Service from the 7th Region of Cooperation Body of Private Universities (shortened as Kopertis in Bahasa Indonesia), who is in charge of all private university in East Java.

As a University that has been running since 20th September of 1960, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya considers that campus is a place of formation and improvement of life. With a variety of quality academic and student programs, both on and off campus, students are facilitated to grow into mature people who are faithful, character, skill and intellectually mature. Education therefore not only aims to fill the brain with various knowledge, but to form a whole person and be able to build a better life.

For this reason, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya has established a positioning statement “a live-improving university” (a university that enhances and develops life) which is realized in the development program of hard skills and soft skills for students.

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Students will experience regularly scheduled academic activities and seminars/lectures with high discipline and dedication from the lecturers. All study programs have been equipped with various laboratories and complete supporting infrastructure for learning facilities and scientific research and development activities. In addition to lecture activities, students are also guided to develop their personal potential and social sensitivity through organizational activities, arts, sports, spirituality, and community services. They are also encouraged to participate in various competitions that are both scientific and non-scientific. This opportunity will make them ready and be competitive to enter the workforce.

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