Become a supporting pillar of the university in the field of international cooperation development as a gateway in international affairs.


Planning, developing and implementing strategies for all activities that are international and related to the development of quality education services for members of WM.


Activities of IAO include the following:

  1. Develop business cooperation in various types of programs with institutions abroad.
  2. Develop standardized services for international activities for foreign students and staff, such as admission services, the process of their residence permit, and the process of staying permit extension.
  3. Develop promotional materials in English that can facilitate the introduction of universities and international study programs.
  4. Become a source of information about further study abroad, scholarships, research and international collaborations  for WM residents (including alumni) to develop skills, knowledge, education and learning.

Please follow announcements of activities or programs that IAO support at its social media accounts:

  • Instagram: iaoukwms
  • Line: @YHR2863L (a page)
  • Facebook: International Affairs Office UKWMS (a page)

To contact us:

  • We are located at the Dinoyo Campus, on the second floor of the F Building (one floor above the Mandiri Bank).
  • Email: