The formation of an academic community that is reflective, creative, and has a positive impact on improving the lives of others, based on Pancasila values and Catholic principles.


Carrying out education and teaching, research and development of knowledge that is integrated with community services in an effort to produce graduates who are professional, mastering science, technology, art and culture, and morally open to change and development and having a high solidarity and regard to service and dedication for those in society who need support the most.


Based on professional higher education management to achieve the welfare of employees and students in the physical and spiritual fields, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya prioritizes the following three values:


Attitudes that show a great concern for fellow citizens within the WMCUS and stakeholders, follow all the rules and policies set by the institution, and actively participate in every activity carried out, both internally and externally.


Willingness to act in accordance with mandate, demands of the institution or obligations as part of the community of WMCUS. This is a minimal or normative attitude. It is expected that WMCUS residents will have a committed attitude that is based on affection that shows an attitude that goesfar beyond the call of duty.


Attitude that is very passionate and interested in every task and activity carried out; there is no sense of compulsion, and even has the eagerness as if always wanting to do it. This is an attitude that generates positive passion and improves the quality of relationships with others, as well as an attitude that is open to new ideas or opportunities.