What Students Learn

Students of the Professional Pharmacist Study Program of WMSCU are equipped with a variety of courses covering 2 (two) areas of interest, namely the field of interest in Industrial Pharmacy and interest in Clinical Pharmacy Clinics. The length of education is done within 1 year (2 semesters) with a total of 37 credits hours which includes 33 credits of compulsory subjects and 4 credits of elective courses, including Professional Pharmacist Work Practices (PKPA) in Industries, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Health Centers, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers,

Quality of Academic Environment

  1. Educators and practitioners who are professionals in their fields and highly committed to achieving excellence. 
  2. A compact and up-to-date curriculum that allows for the opportunity to practice professionally in the field of industry and service. There is a Professional package program and a a graduate degree in Strategic Management that can be reached within 16 months.
  3. Development of student soft skills through outbound programs and community service.
  4. Adequate class facilities and professional practice, with sufficient amounts.
  5. Follow direct recruitment by various partner industries/pharmacies/hospitals.
  6. The alumni network (ALFAWIMA) is strong enough to facilitate the job search process after graduation and exchange of information between alumni and the implementation of continuing education for alumni.
  7. Supported by collaboration between WMCUS Professional Pharmacist Study Program and various agencies:

Institutions Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Farmasi (APTFI) dan berbagai institusi pendidikan anggota APTFI (Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Surabaya, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas dll.), Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI), Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Jawa Timur dan Kota Surabaya, Balai Besar Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan Surabaya.

Pharmaceutical Industries PT Otto Pharmaceutical Laboratories, PT Indofarma, PT Phapros, PT Pertiwi Agung, PT Combiphar, PT Coronet Crown, PT. Interbat, PT. Surya Dermato Medica, PT Sanbe Farma, PT Aditamaraya Farmindo, PT Dexa Medika, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceutical, PT Essai Indonesia, PT Merck Sharp & Dohme, PT Kalbe Farma, PT Hexpharm Jaya, PT Otsuka Indonesia, PT. Bayer Indonesia.

Hospitals and Public Health Clinics (puskesmas) Rumah Sakit Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, RSUD Sidoarjo, RS PHC Surabaya, RS. Dr. Ramelan Surabaya, RS. Dr. Syaiful Anwar Malang, Rumah Sakit Bethesda Yogyakarta, RS dr Sarjito-Yogyakarta, RS Panti Rapih Yogyakarta, RSUP Hasan Sadikin Bandung, Siloam Hospital, RS Gotong Royong Surabaya, dan berbagai Puskesmas yang ada di Surabaya.

Pharmacies Apotek Kimia Farma di Surabaya dan Sidoarjo, beberapa Apotek swasta di Surabaya (Apotek Pandugo, Apotek Savira, Apotek Tirta Farma, Apotek Protha, Apitek Pengharapan, dll.), PT Viva Generik, dan Apotek K-24.

Other Health Care Providers PT Prodia Surabaya

Career Paths for Graduates

  • Entrepreneurs in the fields of medicine, food/beverage, and cosmetics.
  • Industry of medicine, traditional medicine, food / beverage, cosmetics, and medical devices in the Research and Development (R&D), Production, Quality Control (QC), and Quality Assurance (QA), purchasing, regulatory affairs, PPIC, business development and also become a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry.

Some alumni have worked at: PT. Kalbe Farma, PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, PT. Pharos Indonesia, PT. Sanbe Farma, PT. Bayer Indonesia, PT. Pertiwi Agung, PT. Otto Pharmaceutical, PT. Coronet Crown, PT. Interbat, PT. Merck Sharp & Dohme, PT. Sandai Farma, PT. Combiphar, PT. Rama Pharmaceutical, PT. Bernofarm, PT. Hexpharm Jaya, PT. Jamu Iboe Jaya, PT. Natura Laboratoria, PT. Vitapharm (Viva), PT. Rembaka (La Tullipe), Johnson & Johnson

  • Hospitals. health clinic, beauty clinics, medical laboratories, and as Rumah sakit, klinik kesehatan, klinik kecantikan, laboratorium medis as Pharmacist Supervisor.

Some alumni have worked at: RSAL dr. Ramelan Surabaya, RS. Mitra Keluarga, RS. Premier Surabaya, RS. Siloam Surabaya, RSK. Vincentius a Paulo Surabaya, RS. Daerah, Laboratorium Klinik Prodia, Apotek ErHa Klinik Kecantikan, Clinic Esther House of Beauty.

  • Government institutions, such as the governmental health offices: Dinkes, BPOM, Ministry of Health in Indonesia.

Some alumni have worked at : East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Health Office, West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Health Office, Papua Provincial Health Office, Surabaya City Health Office, BPOM Surabaya, BPOM Kupang, BPOM Manokwari, Indonesian Ministry of Health.


Priscilla Silvan Prarizta, S.Farm., Apt. (graduated in 2005, Head of Supply Strategy Department PT Bayer Indonesia) In the past I might have regretted why I took the thesis title of Validation Analysis Method with HPLC which took me a long time and a large cost to finish, but it turned out that it was what led me to the beginning of my career as a person responsible for validating all analytical methods used in my company work. At that time, there were not many new pharmacists that understood the instruments. But that was the beginning of my career, and until now I was able to discuss with my team on technical matters in the analytical development area. Of course not only that, the practice of dissolution practices, formulation techniques, and many others are also my references to work today. Hopefully the WMCUS Faculty of Pharmacy is more successful and able to produce pharmacists that are ready to compete with high quality.

Kenny Anggrianto (graduated in 1995, Section Head of Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine of the Health Office of Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province) Some of the subject matter we learned in college felt to have no relationship and its application for work at that time, but as a pharmacist in the government, all pharmacy knowledge gained during college at the WMCUS Faculty of Pharmacy have been strongly supporting my performance in dealing with various tasks that were my responsibility. Practical experiences in various laboratories had established a thorough, careful and systematic work discipline that helped to improve my performance as a Public Servant for this country.