Kampus UKWMS Kalijudan

The Department of Chemical Engineering produces Engineering graduates with  technopreneurial spirit, who care about the environment and have high enthusiasm towards scientific development based on professional ethics.

Studying at the Department of Chemical Engineering provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become a process and product innovator capable of excelling in the global job market competition.


What Students Learn in the Department of Chemical Engineering ?

Competence-based CURRICULUM with four areas of interests:

Technological Process
This area makes Chemical Engineering students proficient in process engineering and innovative chemical products, and competent to answer the needs of today’s society and industry.

Business and Management
Students who are knowledgeable in Chemical Engineering are taught the principles of business and management of marketing.

Communication Science
Students who are knowledgeable in Chemical Engineering will be given the skills of negotiating, public speaking, and other competencies that can support their careers and in workplace.

Socio-Industrial Psychology
Students do not only excel in the fields of Chemical Engineering, but also acquire the basics of understanding human behavior in social and socio-industrial contexts so they can build professional and interpersonal relationships that are constructive and responsible in their future workplace.



Double Degree: Two years (4 semesters) of studying in the Department of Chemical Engineering of Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University and 2 years (4 semesters) of studying in the Department of Chemical Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST or also known as Taiwan Tech), majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Management. This program qualifies students to become an expert that is equivalent to a job as a “Plant Manager,” while also getting a bachelor degree in Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) from WMSCU and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from NTUST, as well as a certificate in Chinese language from NTUST. Specifically for this program, students have to complete 148 credit units in order to graduate and receive both degrees.

Dual Program: Having a major in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Communication Studies, Psychology, or Business Management.

A Chemical Engineering major and a Communication Studies minor: Fresh graduates will be highly-skilled in Chemical Engineering and equipped with negotiation and public speaking skills to support future careers.

A Chemical Engineering major and a Psychology minor: Besides being highly-skilled in Chemical Engineering, fresh graduates will also have the ability to comprehend human behavior in its social and socio-industrial contexts, enabling them to build constructive and responsible personal/interpersonal relationships in workplace.

A Chemical Engineering major and a Business Management minor: Fresh graduates will have the knowledge of both Chemical Engineering and Business, specifically in the field of marketing management and human resources.


Quality of Academic Environment

The Department of Chemical Engineering trains students to become competent and professional in the fields of design and development process, environment, science and engineering related to the designing process of an industry, while also having a techno-preneurial spirit which enables them to compete in the global era.

The seminar lectures are supported by well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment, such as the following: Chemical Analysis and Instruments, Organic Chemistry and Physics Chemistry, Bioprocess Technology, Chemical Engineering Operations, Process Computing, Process Control, Waste Management and Alternative Energy Technology, Process Technology, and Instrument Analysis.

The seminars are also convenient because students can take full advantage of internet connection, Local Area Network (LAN) and wi-fi system, with air-conditioned classrooms and seminar support tools, such as multimedia projector, a full departmental reading room, and other needed equipment.

Students are also trained with life-skills through various student activities, such as BKKMTKI (Coordinating Agency for Chemical Engineering Student Activities Indonesia), computer software and computer applications specific for chemical engineering, seminars and guest lectures from the industrial sector and other institutions, factory visit and study tour, entrepreneurship training (such as to produce shower gel, toothpaste, jelly candy, yoghurt, decorative candle, mocha coffee paste, etc.), scientific competition/research/writing/publication at the  national and international levels, leadership and  student management training, and outbound activities.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is supported by cooperation agreements with various industries and institutions, namely, Institute of Oil and Gas (Lemigas), LIPI, Lumintas Puspindo, LLC., Adelaide University-Australia (articulation program), The Hague University of Applied Sciences – Netherlands (double degree program), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) – Taiwan (exchange program, advanced study scholarship), Adamson University – Philippines (exchange program), Zhejiang University of Technology, China (research collaboration), University of Queensland – Australia (research collaboration), and the UNESCO International Center for Engineering Education.

Career Paths for Graduates

Practitioners in industry/company/bank, especially in the following fields: research and development, quality control, industrial process design, environmental control system design, factory operation, engineering and management consultant, sales engineer, and credit analysis. Various companies that absorb Chemical Engineering graduates include the following: Alfa Laval Indonesia, LLC., Tjiwi Kimia, LLC., Sorini, LLC., Hartono Istana Teknologi (Polytron), LLC., Platinum Ceramics Industry LLC., Jindal Stainless Indonesia, LLC., Meco Inoxprima, LLC., CTCI Corp – Taiwan, HM Sampoerna Tbk, LLC., Djarum, LLC., Gelora Djaja (Wismilak), LLC., Rembaka (La Tulipe Cosmetiques), LLC., Vitapharm (Viva Cosmetics), LLC., Kerry Ingredients – Malaysia, Indofood Fritolay Makmur, LLC., Arta Boga Cemerlang (Orang Tua Group), LLC., Wings Surya, LLC., Sopanusa Tissue, LLC., Forisa Nusapersada, LLC., Avia Avian Paint, LLC., and Titan Wood B.V – The Netherlands.

Entrepreneurs in various fields such as metal coating, chemicals and laboratory equipment, bleaching earth, flavor, cosmetics, personal health care (soap, shampoo, body lotion, handy clean gel, shower gel, toothpaste, etc.), daily necessities (floor cleaners, air freshener, etc.), food/beverage (mocca coffee paste, effervescent, instant drink, jelly candy, yoghurt, etc.), industrial design and consulting/sewage treatment plants.

Academicians and scientists: as faculty members, researchers, expert staff and consultants, post-graduate students (masters and doctoral studies).