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The Dean's Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to the website of Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship

Advances in technology have contributed to the shift in the number of labor needs. The number of job vacancies and workforce have become increasingly unequal. Therefore, as efforts to reduce open unemployment in Indonesia, job opportunities must be created and the number of workforces must be reduced. One of the ways to achieve these outcomes is by shaping graduates to become independent entrepreneurs who do not depend on work vacancies but instead develop their own businesses and provide chances for others to work by creating job opportunities. WMSCU responds to the challenge of changing workforce needs by establishing a Faculty of Entrepreneurship.

The Faculty of Entrepreneurship was established in 2016 and manages one study program, namely the Entrepreneurship Study Program. The Faculty of Entrepreneurship began carrying out the teaching and learning process in the Odd semester of 2017/2018. The curriculum in the Entrepreneurship Study Program is designed to produce independent, creative and innovative young entrepreneurs.

During the learning process, students create business projects which can be continued as a business when they graduate. It is hoped that graduates of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship are not job seekers, but job providers for themselves and others. The learning process is supported by experienced academic lecturers and practitioner-lecturers who manage their own businesses. Practitioner lecturers will provide assistance in the process of creating students’ business projects through an entrepreneurial mentoring process.

Young people who want to start and run a business independently have the opportunity to join WMSCU’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship and actualize their hopes and desires to become independent, creative and innovative young entrepreneurs. Create, Launch and Grow.

Dr. Diyah Tulipa, SE., MM.
Dean of WMSCU’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship

About Us

The Faculty of Entrepreneurship was established based on the Decree of Widya Mandala Surabaya Foundation’s Board of Directors no. 177/YWMS/SK/XII/2016, dated December 21, 2016. Currently, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship manages one study program, namely the Entrepreneurship Study Program. Based on the Decree of Republic of Indonesia’s Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education no. 433/KPT/I/2016 dated October 3, 2016, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University has been granted the permission to open the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Study Program. The Entrepreneurship Study Program started accepting new students for the first time in the Odd semester of 2017-2018.

Vision Mission


To become Indonesia’s leading Faculty of Entrepreneurship by 2030 through developing creative technological innovations and knowledge, integrated in the field of entrepreneurship which creates a positive impact on society in solving business and social problems based on Pancasila values and Catholic principles.


  1. To conduct a teaching and education governance in order to produce graduates who emphasize on the ability to think innovatively, creatively, independently and behave ethically.
  2. To conduct research and community service which contribute to solving business and social problems
  3. To build partnerships in order to develop integrated entrepreneurial knowledge

Study Program

WMSCU’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship has 1 (one) study program, namely the Entrepreneurship Study Program .


a. Student Innovation Room
b. Workspace Student Room
c. Youpers Gallery


In an effort to improve the quality of graduates, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship collaborates with Pakuwon Group as our main partner. Partnerships are also made with various companies and business practitioners for practical activities, mentoring, and coaching from industries (companies).

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