Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU) is a private university that has been trusted to start a new program called the Entrepreneurship Study Program. Faculty of Entrepreneurship answers the challenge to fulfill the society’s economical needs that continue to develop by producing young entrepreneurs who are creative, innovative and PeKA (care, commit, and enthusiast, which are then shortened as PeKA in Bahasa Indonesia) for the business and social environment. Lectures are designed to develop not only the entrepreneurship knowledge but also the direct application to work in order to create job opportunities.

What Students Learn in the Entrepreneurship Study Program

Students of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship will be provided with various courses that are divided into three major stages of entrepreneurship practices.

Entrepreneurship practice 1: Developing the entrepreneurship character and basic managerial knowledge.
In this stage, student characters will be prepared and strengthened to be future young entrepreneurs. They are given the basic knowledge about managerial science on how to manage a business and make a business plan proposal.

Entrepreneurship practice 2: Developing entrepreneur behavior and innovative thinking.
This stage focuses on developing a creative and innovative thinking from students to start a business. They will be guided to create a business based on one of the five business areas, which are: Creative Culinary, Digital Art, Edupreneur, Fashion and Innovation, and Healthcare Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship practice 3: Start-up business and developing business model plan.
In the third stage, students will start to operate the business plan they have started from the previous stage of entrepreneurship practice. While working on their business, students will be guided and monitored by business practitioners from the same business area as the student’s interest and plan.

Quality of Academic Environment

  • Faculty of Entrepreneurship is guiding students to have young entrepreneur characters that are competent in corporate managerial field, professional in operating and developing their business.
  • The curriculum aims to create tough young entrepreneurs who are able to think and act fast.
  • Students will be guided and trained by practitioners using a face-to-face course system, as well as doing internship in corporations that will allow students to directly experience the operation process of doing business.
  • Lectures are supported with workspace for students to build work atmosphere since the early stage.
  • Students will receive soft skills regarding character and personality development, verbal communication and direct involvement in communities through social services and human resource empowerment in the form of community development programs.
  • PStudents participate in various exhibitions at the levels of internal/external, regional and national, in order to promote students’ masterpiece.

Career Paths for Graduates

In accordance to the Faculty of Entrepreneurship’s vision and mission, career opportunities for graduates are in:

  • Start-up business owner
  • Business developer
  • Business analyst and consultant


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