What Students Learn in the Medicine Study Program

Throughout the course of study, the Faculty of Medicine offers a learning experience designed to develop the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to fulfill the following :

  1. A medical profession accountable in the health care system based on the rules of medicine and imbued with a spirit of service in a life-giving love,
  2. Responsibility in professional health care that shows good leadership attitudes,
  3. Basic and applied medical research activities by using the results of research and new developments from the sciences and medical technology (IPTEKDOK) to improve the quality and widen the reach of health services,
  4. Continuous self-improvement to improve professional skills,
  5. A role in society which is creative, productive, open, and responsive to change and to scientific and technological developments resulting from a diligent study of medical and public health problems,
  6. A medical profession either in the hospital or in primary health care or independently in private practice services,
  7. Public health efforts in the field and concern for environmental health,
  8. Public health education.

Faculty of Medicine of Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya was established with the aim of producing physicians who are religious, virtuous, reliable and professional, and with a great empathy and strong devotion rooted in love.

Medicine is a combination of science and art that deals with diseases and other disorders of the body and/or soul, which includes efforts to promote health, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and rehabilitation. Medicine, as a science, systematically teaches the basics of medical science, public health science, and clinical science. Medicine, as a profession, focuses on the application of knowledge, abilities, and expertise on the holistic process of prevention and management of diseases.


The Faculty of Medicine has 21 preclinical and clinic departments supported by cooperation agreements with the PHC Hospital Surabaya as hospital of education, and other big hospitals, such as Panti Nirmala Hospital Malang, Menur Surabaya Mental Hospital, Lawang Hospital, Bhayangkara Hospital, and the Health Office of East Java Province and Surabaya City Health Office. In addition, the Faculty of Medicine of Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya also works with Airlangga University’s Faculty of Medicine in Surabaya, Atmajaya University’s Faculty of Medicine in Jakarta, and the Udayana University’s Faculty of Medicine in Bali.  

Career Paths for Graduates

Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine have an extensive job opportunity as doctors in hospitals, health centers, health offices, corporations, polyclinics, and as educators in teaching hospitals, both in Indonesia and abroad, or as doctors with private practice.

List of faculty members:

  • W. F. Maramis, dr., Sp.KJ
  • Adji Widjaja, dr., Sp.P(K), FCCP
  • Benny Huwae, dr., SpRad(K)
  • J. H. Lunardhi, dr., Sp.PA(K), FIAC
  • Gunadi Santoso, dr., Sp.A(K)
  • Gunawan Budiarto, dr., Sp.S(K)
  • Dr. Benjamin Margono, dr., Sp.P(K-Onko), FCCP.
  • Endang Isbandiati, dr., Sp.FK., MS
  • Slamet Riyadi, dr., SKM
  • Pikanto Wibowo, dr., Sp.BK
  • Alphonsus Warsanto, dr., Sp.OG(K)
  • Hans Lumintang, dr, Sp.KK
  • Hadi Susila Kawilarang, dr, Sp.JP
  • Nunung Nugroho, dr., Sp.KFR, MARS
  • Wiyono Hadi, dr., Sp.THT-KL
  • Taufin Warindra, dr., Sp.OT
  • Taufan Harijanto, dr., Sp.B-KBD, FINACS, M.Kes.
  • Eny Setyarini, dr., Sp.S
  • Epriyanto Tri Darmadi, dr., Sp.Rad.
  • Dini Andriani, dr., Sp.A
  • Harnoprihadi Noorlaksmiatmo, dr., Sp.OG
  • Titiek Ernawati, dr., Sp.M
  • Erna Harijati, dr., Sp.KK
  • Reno Laksono Edi, dr., Sp.An.
  • Gladdy Lysias Waworuntu, dr., MS
  • Lisa Pangemanan, dr., A, M.Kes.
  • Imelda Theodora, dr., Sp.,PA.
  • Steven Wiyono, dr., M.Ked.Trop.
  • Bernadette Dian Novita, dr., M.Ked.
  • Handi Suyono, dr., M.Ked.
  • Pauline Meryana, dr., Sp.S, M.Kes.
  • Benediktus Megaputera, dr., Sp.OT., M.Si
  • Lukas Slamet Rihadi, dr., MS., QIA.
  • Yudhiakuari Sincihu, dr., M.Kes.
  • Dyana Sarvasti, dr.Sp.JP (K)., FIHA
  • A. Liona Dewi, dr., M.Kes.
  • Prettysun Ang Mellow, dr., Sp.PD.
  • Sindrawati, dr, Sp.PA
  • Sianty Dewi, dr., SpOG
  • Silvia Sutandhio, dr.
  • Ari Christy, dr.
  • Mariana Sutopo, dr.
  • X. Himawan Jong, dr.
  • Maureen Victoria Kawilarang, dr.