Faculty of Philosophy

Opening Remarks From The Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Philosophy, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University,

The WMSCU Faculty of Philosophy has been carrying out its educational mission since 2009. Initially, the Faculty of Philosophy was established with the main mission of educating prospective Catholic priests in the Surabaya Diocese in the field of Philosophy studies, because this field of study is a requirement for Catholic theological education. In its development, the Faculty of Philosophy sees the need to open space in order to develop philosophy for the general public, who are not candidates for Catholic priests. It is done by seeking to deepen the understanding of universal human values that are useful for the entire community. Therefore, education at the Faculty of Philosophy is very open to anyone from various religions, ethnicities, beliefs, and ideologies.
Until now, the Faculty of Philosophy has opened a study program which is divided into two concentrations, namely the Divinity Philosophy concentration and the Applied Ethics concentration. Concentration on the Philosophy of Divinity directed students to be ready to study Catholic theology. The concentration of Applied Ethics directs students to study various philosophical studies in the political, economic, social and cultural fields. From what have learned, a person who lives with a reflective, critical, creative, open and dialogical character and is imbued with the values of Pancasila and Catholic principles is formed. With the spirit to always Care, Commit and Enthusiastic (PeKA), the graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy are expected to be able to make contributions that are in accordance with universal human values for the environment they live in.

Activities at the WMSCU Faculty of Philosophy can be seen through social media Instagram @filsafatwm or WM Filsafat Youtube and the publication page of the WMSCU Faculty of Philosophy www.fdfagora.com

Hello Indonesia, Hello Humanity.

Untara Simon M. Hum.
Interim Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

About Us

The Faculty of Philosophy was officially established on December 7, 2009 by obtaining the Higher Education Decree Number 2334/D/T/2009 and confirmed through the Decree of the Board of Management of the Widya Mandala Foundation Surabaya Number: 003/YWMS/SK/I/2010. Based on the Decree of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education Number 3797/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2017, the Bachelor of Philosophy Study Program is declared accredited with a B rating.

The Faculty of Philosophy was founded with two basic goals. The first is the need for human resources who are able to think critically, rationally, build clear concepts, have in-depth knowledge and sensitivity to humanity, develop strategies and be able to implement them wisely in daily practice. All of that will be described in lectures organized by the faculty.

Second, philosophy is needed to create human resources who have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about human life. According to what have mentioned, it is hoped that the graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy will be able in helping to create a critical academic climate, both within the university and in the wider community. It is hoped that the Faculty of Philosophy will be able to produce future national thinkers, strategic decision makers, and professional workers in various fields of life.

Vision Mission

Establishing an academic community that is reflective, critical, creative, and excels in philosophical studies on fundamental issues with a focus on the Study of Applied Ethics and Divine Philosophy, which is imbued with the spirit of social responsibility and based on Pancasila values and Catholic principles.

1. Organizing lectures that develop philosophical thinking methods, mapping the history of world thought, critiquing fundamental problems related to the world, humans and God inspired by the love of truth.
2. Organizing higher educational program to produce philosophical scholars who are competent in the study of Applied Ethics or Divinity Philosophy which focuses on Thomism and fights for the values of Pancasila.
3. Conducting research in the field of philosophy focusing on the study of Applied Ethics and Divinity Philosophy that are relevant to social change.
4. Organizing routine and planned community services, especially in the field of character education and strengthening ethical values in society
5. Develop a governance system for the Philosophy Study Program as best as possible to support the process of teaching, education, research and community service.
6. Establish cooperation with various institutions, both at home and abroad, to support the process of teaching, research and community service.

Study Program

The Faculty of Philosophy is a monoprodi faculty, in other words, runs one study program, namely the Undergraduate Philosophy Study Program.

The Philosophy Study Program runs two concentrations, namely:

  1. Philosophy of Divinity
  2. Applied Ethics


  • Classroom: the classroom used is quite spacious and equipped with AC, LCD projector, computer, and sound system.
  • Philosophy Laboratory: the laboratory room is equipped with several computers and a reading room which is adequate for independent exploration or group discussion.
  • Wall Magazine, Cogito Bulletin, and Wiweka Science Journal as places for student’s expression in academic.


The Faculty of Philosophy establishes cooperation at the international and national levels as follows.

International level cooperation:

  1. Louis University, Filipina
  2. Universidad de Navarra, Spanyol
  3. University of Szeged, Hungaria

National Level Cooperation:

  1. Surabaya Diocese
  2. Providentia Dei Higher Seminary
  3. OP
  4. Dharma Cendika Catholic University (UKDC)
  5. Gajah Mada University (UGM) 
  6. Driyarkara College of Philosophy
  7. Indonesian Theological Philosophy Association (AFTI)
  8. Association of All Indonesian Ethics Lecturers (HIDESI)
  9. Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI)
  10. Nera Academia

Student Organanizations

To support UKWMS Faculty of Philosophy students to develop soft skills , it can be through three faculty-level student organizations, namely :

Faculty Student Representative Body Student
Faculty Student Executive Board
Faculty Student Press Agency


The journal for lecturers and academics that published by the Faculty of Philosophy is the Arete Journal

Journal for students that published by the Faculty of Philosophy is Jurnal Wiweka

Contact Us

Faculty of Philosophy
Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University
Jl. Raya Kalisari Selatan 1 Surabaya – 60112
+62 31 990 05299 – +62 31 990 05294