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Opening Remarks From the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology, Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya (UKWMS). 

Agnes Maria Sumargi, Ph.D., Psikolog. - Dekan Fakultas Psikologi UKWMS

Agnes Maria Sumargi, Ph.D., Psikolog. – Dekan Fakultas Psikologi UKWMS

The WMSCU Faculty of Psychology was founded in 1998 which offering a Bachelor of Psychology education level (Bachelor of Psychology) with a scientific vision of positive psychology. Positive psychology that characterizes the activities of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (education, research, and community service) leads to the achievement of psychological well-being through the recognition and empowerment of individual, group and community strengths. The WMSCU Faculty of Psychology produces psychology graduates who are qualified with integrity, adaptive, empathetic, and rational who have the priority values of university’s value: PeKA (Caring, Committed, Enthusiastic). This is the evident from many graduates of the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology who are accepted and excel in various fields of work, including as HRD ( human resource development ) staff and leaders, industrial practitioners, speakers, and trainers , school principals, Guidance and Counseling teachers, educational consultants, assistants, psychologist and assistant therapist.

Talking about the vision and mission, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology positions itself as an agent of change and a center of excellence in the field of positive psychology on a national and international level. Through its mission, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology applies the scientist-practitioner model in its learning process. Students are equipped not only with theory, but also with relevant practical activities, including through internships in companies, schools, hospitals, and other institutions in accordance with their field of interest (clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology). In short, with this experiential learning method (learning by experiencing), learning process become active and dynamic. Students are invited to directly review the field (field study), make visits to various institutions or companies, and have direct discussions with practitioners or experts from within and outside the country (guest lectures). To hone student skills more deeply, learning media and adequate psychology laboratory facilities are used. Students are also encouraged to think innovatively as well as to apply their ideas and thoughts through research with positive psychology nuances and their involvement in various training programs and community service, as well as other student activities.

Currently, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology has two Psychology study programs which are located in Surabaya campus and Madiun campus. Learning in both study programs is relatively standardized using the same curriculum. Even by utilizing the internet network, educational activities and other Higher Education Tri Dharmas can be carried out simultaneously or integratively involving both campuses. In line with government policy, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology at both campuses supports and is actively involved in various Merdeka Learn Campus (MBKM) programs.
This is evident from the selection of UKWMS Psychology Faculty students to participate in the Independent Student Exchange program (exchange of students abroad), the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA, a one-semester scholarship abroad) program, and certified internships. In addition, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology also establishes international collaborations with various universities abroad such as Vancouver Island University-Canada, Saint Louis University-Philippines, and Saint Louis College-Thailand, so that WMSCU Psychology Faculty students have broad opportunities to develop themselves and carry out international learning activities.

Through these various forms of activity, we hope that the academic community of the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology will increasingly live out its vision and mission with real contributions and work in society. Finally, let ‘s go on an “adventure” together, make your dreams come true with the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology!

Agnes Maria Sumargi, Ph.D., Psychologist.    

Dean of the Faculty of Psychology UKWMS

About Us

The Faculty of Psychology, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (UKWMS) was established in Surabaya on December 2, 1997 (Decree/SK of the Management Board of the Widya Mandala Surabaya Foundation No. 226/ YWM/H/1997). Status of the accreditation rating of the Psychology Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Psychology, Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya in 2017 is a grade of B (Decree of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education Number: 5129/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XII/2017 dated 27 December 2017).

Currently, the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology is located at the Pakuwon City Campus, Jl. Raya Kalisari Selatan No. 1 Surabaya. The Faculty of Psychology always continues to improve itself from time to time by continuously developing the quality of education, research, community service and implementing cooperation with good quality assurance, and always following the developments of the times and science and technology.

Vision Mission

“Becoming an agent of change and center of excellence in psychology based on positive psychology on a national and global scale”, which helps individuals, groups and communities to respond to changes that are increasing fast and complex.”


  1. Applying the scientist-practitioner model in the fields of education, research, community service and collaboration based on positive psychology.
  2. Through experiential learning as a method in the educational process at the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology.
  3. Applying positive psychology, through the activities of the Tridarma of Higher Education and the implementation of cooperation, namely a). Socio-Clinical Focus: developing and implementing community empowerment-based mental health promotions that are preventive and curative to respond to change. b). Socio-Industrial Focus: developing HR/ Human Capital towards sustainable development that is developed and implemented in response to change.

Studi Program

Fakultas Psikologi UKWMS memiliki dua program studi yaitu: 

The WMSCU Faculty of Psychology has two study programs, namely:

WMSCU Psychology Undergraduate Study Program , Surabaya Campus and Madiun Campus.

Organizational Structure

Struktur Organisasi Fakultas Psikologi UKWMS

Struktur Organisasi Fakultas Psikologi UKWMS


The WMSCU Psychology Faculty lecture was held at the Pakuwon City campus, JI Raya Kalisari Selatan No. 1, Surabaya. The Psychology Undergraduate Study Program – WMSCU Psychology Faculty provides laboratories and facilities for practicum which is equipped with a collection of psychological/psychodiagnostic test tools, psychological/psychodiagnostic support tools, psychological experimental tools, and book references. The laboratories owned by the Psychology Undergraduate Study Program- Faculty of Psychology WMSCU include:

  1. Observation laboratory.
  2. Counseling laboratory.
  3. Psychological examination/psychodiagnostics laboratory.
  4. Physiological and experimental laboratories.
  5. Assessment laboratory.
  6. Computer laboratory.
  7. Relaxation room.
  8. Focus Group Discussion Room.
  9. Reading room with references to psychology books and journals.
  10. Positive Psychology Center Room


International Cooperation

Overseas agencies that collaborate with the UKWMS Faculty of Psychology :

  1. Vancouver Island University Canada, in early childhood development programs and individual education with special needs in the form of online group lectures and interactive discussions.
  2. Saint Louis College, Bangkok Thailand, in the form of exchange of lecturers and students, and discussion activities between students and lecturers online.
  3. Saint Louis University, Philippines in the form of lecturer and student exchanges as well as guest lectures.

National Cooperation

  1. HIMPSI (Psychology Alumnae Association) Center and HIMPSI (Psychology Alumnae Association) East Java Region, in mentoring programs organized by the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology.
  2. Various Mental Hospital such as RSJ Menur Surabaya and RSJ Dr. Rajiman Widyodiningrat Lawang Malang, etc. in the field visit program as a form of real learning about psychopathology in adolescents to adults and their handling, promotional, preventive and curative efforts for mental health in Indonesia.
  3. Various companies, industries, institutions and schools including: Play Group, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School in Surabaya, Mental Health Center, Correctional Institution, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), various national scale companies in Surabaya and surrounding areas. This collaboration is carried out in field lectures, guest lectures, visits, guest lecturers, research implementation and community service.

Student Organizations

To support the soft skills development of its students, the Faculty of Psychology WMSCU accommodates them through student organizations, namely :

Faculty Student Representative Body (BPMF)
Faculty Student Executive Board (BEMF)
Faculty Student Press Agency (LPMF)

You can also see further details about the Student Organizational Activities of the UKWMS Faculty of Psychology through the WMSCU Psychology Faculty Ormawa YouTube account.


EXPERIENTIA , The Indonesian Psychology Journal is a peer-reviewed journal managed by the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology. The journal Experientia accepts research papers from all domains of psychology and also encourages interdisciplinary studies related to the human mind and behavior.

“Experience” is a Latin term which means “knowledge gained by experience”. The choice of name is in line with the mission of the WMSCU Faculty of Psychology, namely ” experiential learning ” (students and lecturers learn together through active participation in academic learning).

The Experientia journal is published twice a year, and contains studies/analysis/examinations/empirical reviews in the realm of psychology; which can be in the form of field research or theoretical studies. The mission of this journal is to ” give psychology away ” – to quote Philip Zimbardo’s classic words – which is to help develop psychology into a science that is truly beneficial for human benefit at the micro (individual) and macro (communal) levels.

p-ISSN: 2252-7702
e-ISSN: 2685-9963

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