Faculty of Vocational

The Dean's Welcoming Remarks

As a provider of vocational education, the Faculty of Vocational Studies at Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (FV UKWMS) is a faculty that manages diploma study programs at WMSCU. Although it has only been established since 2019, the Faculty of Vocational Studies is committed to providing high-quality education that aims to increase students’ insight and skills so that students possess applied skills according to their chosen field of expertise. WMSCU’s Faculty of Vocational Studies manages 3 (three) Study Programs, namely the D-III Office Administration which was formerly known as the Secretarial Study Program managed by the Widya Mandala Academy of Secretary Surabaya, the D-III Accounting Study Program, and the D-III Pharmacy Study Program. The D-II Office Administration and D-III Accounting study programs are located at the Dinoyo Campus, Surabaya, while the D-III Pharmacy Study Program is located on the Madiun City Campus. Graduates of vocational education at Diploma Three level will get a vocational degree or an associate degree.

The Faculty of Vocational Studies as a Vocational Study Program Management Unit (UPPS) always strives to respond to the challenges of an increasingly dynamic era. Every activity that takes place at the faculty, both academic and other academic supporting activities, is directed at producing professional and tough vocational candidates who have a smart brain and a wise heart as an embodiment of the university’s values, which are aring, Committed, and Enthusiastic (PeKA). This is also supported by our commitment to produce the best graduates for Indonesia as the slogan of our Faculty is ‘WM’s Vocation for the Country.’ Our commitment is embodied through various collaborations with industries and the world of work (IDUKA) as well as various national and international institutions.

Outcome Based Education (OBE)-based curriculum ensures that every student can achieve learning goals through various learning media and methods. The Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) or Independent Campus’ Independent Learning policy launched by the government also opens up opportunities for students to gain knowledge from not only learning activities organized by the Study Program, but also from various learning activities or internships in institutions and industries.

Learn well in the campus of life, WM: a life-improving university.

Indriana Lestari, S. Sos., MA
Dean of the UKWMS Vocational Faculty

About Us

WMSCU’s Faculty of Vocational Studies was formed on March 1, 2020 based on the Decree of the Widya Mandala Surabaya Foundation number 032-A/YWMS/SK/II/2020 dated February 18, 2020 regarding the establishment of WMSCU’s Faculty of Vocational Studies. This faculty was established to accommodate the former Widya Mandala Academy of Secretary Surabaya and other diploma study programs in WMSCU environment.

WMSCU formed the faculty as a follow-up to the unification or merger of the Widya Mandala Academy of Secretary Surabaya and Widya Mandala Catholic University Madiun into this university, as stated in the Decree of Republic of Indonesia’s Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education no 442/KPT/I/2019 regarding the permit of the Unification of Widya Mandala Madiun Catholic University in Madiun City and Widya Mandala Surabaya Academy of Secretary in Surabaya City to WMSCU.

In addition, the faculty needs to exist to respond to the development of Indonesia’s educational world, which further clarifies the existence of academic education pathways and vocational education pathways. The vocational education pathway has an aim of educating students to become skilled professionals who are ready to work in order to answer the challenges of an increasingly dynamic industrial world

Vision Mission


To become the leading Faculty of Vocational Studies in Indonesia by 2025 to produce professional, skilled and ethical vocational personnel.


  1. To conduct a transparent, accountable and information technology-based governance.
  2. To realize the implementation of the Three Resposibilites of Higher Education or Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi that is adaptive, open to the development of science and information technology, and is environmentally friendly.
  3. To produce professional, competent, and tough graduates who have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. To build a collaborative network with stakeholders to improve the quality of graduates.

Study Program

WMSCU’s Faculty of Vocational Studies has 3 (three) study programs, namely:

  1. D-III Office Administration Study Program
  2. D-III Accounting Study Program
  3. D-III Pharmacy Study Program (Study Program Outside of Main Campus or PSDKU Madiun City Campus.


a. Comfortable lecture classrooms and environment
b. Office Applications Laboratory
c. Office Affairs Laboratory
d. Digital Filing Laboratory
e. Office Equipment Laboratory
f. Self-Development Laboratory
g. Keyboarding Skills Laboratory
h. Self-Access Centre
i. Professional Ethics Laboratory
j. Language Laboratory
k. Office Equipment Display Room
l. Student Organization Room


WMSCU’s Faculty of Vocational Studies has a number of partnerships with various companies and institutions, namely:

  1. PT International Test Center (PT ITC)
  2. Singapore National Academy
  3. National Hospital Surabaya
  4. PT Nilam Port Terminal
  5. NSC Polytechnic Surabaya
  6. Academy of Foreign Languages St. Solo Pignateli
  7. Indonesian Secretary Association (ISI)
  8. PT Visionet Internasional (OVO)

Student Organizations

The Faculty of Vocational Studies oversees six student organizations, namely:

Faculty of Vocational Studies’ Student Representative Board
Faculty of Vocational Studies’ Sudent Executive Board
Faculty of Vocational Studies’ Student Press Association
Office Administration Department Students Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa JurusanAdministrasi Perkantoran)
D3 Accounting Department Students Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi D3)
Pharmacy Study Program Students Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi Farmasi)

Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi Farmasi (HMPS Farmasi) 


VOCATIO : Scientific Journal of Administration and Secretariat

The name Vocatio was chosen as the name of the administrative and secretarial scientific journal published by the Widya Mandala Academy of Secretary Surabaya (Akse WMS). The word “Vocatio” comes from the Latin word meaning call. The meaning of this word is appropriate to describe the role of a professional who works according to his calling. Akse WMS hopes that through this Vocatio Journal, research results and conceptual studies can be accommodated in order to support academics and professional workers, especially those working in the administrative and secretarial fields, so that they are able to work and contribute positively in the world of work and in society based on their calling.
Website link: Vocatio Journal

Contact Us

Faculty of Vocational Studies
Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University
6th floor of Agustinus Building
Jl. Dinoyo 42-44 Surabaya
+62 31-5678478
dean-vocational@ukwms.ac.id | vocational.faculty@ukwms.ac.id