The basis for the implementation of the Professional Profession Study Program refers to the mandate letter from the Director General of Higher Education to organiza the Professional Nurse Study Program with the Register number 20110824455 and letter number 1783/E/T/2011 dated 11 November 2011, as well as decision letter from the Minister of Education and Culture with th number 132/E/O/2013 dated 18 April 2013 about operating license for the Professional Nurse Study Program in Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya. In 2016, the Professional Nurse Study Program has been accredited by an independent accreditation institution of Health Higher Education with decision letter number 0426/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/III/2016, resulting in an accreditation level of B.

The Professional Profession Study Program is an advanced program for Nursing bachelor level graduates to become a professional nurse, which must be taken after graduating from an academic program with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. The purpose of this Professional Program is to provide opportunities for students to gain real experience to achieve professional skills that include intellectual, interpersonal and skills abilities in providing nursing care services to clients.

What Students Learn

Competencies achieved in the Professional Nurse Study Program are implementing nursing care in 11 nursing fields, namely Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Child Nursing, Critical Nursing, Mental Nursing, Community Nursing, Family Nursing, Gerontic Nursing and Nursing Management, as well as Palliative Nursing and Mentoring of Sick People as its nursing superior field courses.

Length of Study

Length of study is 2 semesters, consisting of 36 credit hours (taken after completing the bachelor study of Nursing)

The implementation of the Professional Nurse Study Program is divided into 2 stages,

  1. The Pre-Education Professional Nurse stage, with activities that include laboratory skills exams;
  2. The second stage called the Professional Practitioner phase is conducted in 11 nursing fields.


Practicum placement collaborations:

  • Adi Husada Hospital in Undaan Wetan, Surabaya
  • Adi Husada Hospital in Kapasari, Surabaya
  • PHC Hospital, Surabaya
  • Darmo Hospital, Surabaya
  • Menur Mental Health Hospital, Surabaya
  • Palliative and Free Pain Installation in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya
  • Panti Nirmala Hospital in Malang
  • Public health clinics (Puskesmas)
  • Nursing homes for the elders
  • Dr. Mohamad Soewandhi Regional General Hospital,  Surabaya
  • Dr. Ramelan Naval Hospital, Surabaya

Organizational collaborations:

  • Indonesian National Nurses Association (Persatuan Perawat Nasional Indonesia or PPNI in Bahasa Indonesia) at the national level, in East Java, and in city of Surabaya
  • Association of Indonesian Nurse Educational Insitutions (Asosiasiasi Institusi Pendidikan Ners Indonesia of AIPNI in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Public Health Office of the city government of Surabaya
  • Public Health Office of the provincial government of East Java

Career Paths for Graduates

With the competencies of a graduate of Professional Nurs (with S.Kep., Ns as the complete title), they can enter the workforce as the following:

  • As a nurse practitioner in a hospital, general polyclinic, corporate clinic, health office, health center, nursing home, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in the health sector and works abroad with certain requirements.
  • As an entrepreneur through independent nursing practice engaged in health or nursing work, in accordance with applicable rules.
  • As academicians, researchers and scientists by first continuing to pursue a Master degree or Doctorate degree in nursing, and then they can work as a lecturer in nursing education institutions, and as a researcher.
  • As a community leaders within the profession and in society as a whole
  • As a health field manager working in a hospital, clinic or other health institution


The graduates of the Faculty of Nursing from Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya had found jobs in various institutions, such as:

  1. Faculty of Nursing at WMCUS
  2. Buntok General Hospital in Central Kalimantan
  3. Nusantara Institute of Health Science (STIKES) in Kupang
  4. Pertamina Hospital in Balikpapan
  5. Royal Hospital in Surabaya
  6. Premier Hospital in Surabaya
  7. St. Vincentius a Paulo Catholic Hospital in Surabaya
  8. Bali Royal Hospital in Bali
  9. Public health clinics (puskesmas) throughout the eastern part of Indonesia


Veronika Anitasari

Head of Intensive Cardiology Care Unit (ICCU) Room at the Premier Hospital Surabaya

“Studying at the Faculty of Nursing WM had helped me in developing my career in the world of work”

Erna Purwanti

Head of Medical Check Up Room at the Premier Hospital Surabaya

“It is not only nursing knowledge that I received, but also increase in my ability in English, because that was how the seminar lecture in Faculty of Nursing of Widya Mandala, which is the top one”

Esteria Apriana Sitompul

Clinical Instructor in the Operation Room of Merauke General Hospital

“Fresh graduates from the Faculty of Nursing UKWMS are undoubtedly directly involved in the world of work, both in education and in hospitals. They are definitely ready”

Stefanie Florent Mithasari

Nursing Staff in East Wing 7, at the National Hospital Surabaya

“Faculty of Nursing WMCUS is awesome. They not only teach about nursing, but there we can also learn how to be a more mature person. Keep it up, Faculty of Nursing WMCUS!”