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The Faculty of Philosophy was officially established on December 7 2009 by obtaining the Higher Education Decree Number 2334/D/T/2009 and confirmed through the Decree of the Management Board of the Widya Mandala Foundation Surabaya Number: 003/YWMS/S K/I/2010. Based on the Decree of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education Number 3797/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2017, the Bachelor of Philosophy Study Program has been declared accredited with a B rating.

The Faculty of Philosophy was founded with two basic objectives. The first is the need for human resources who are able to think critically, rationally, develop clear concepts, have in-depth knowledge and sensitivity to humanity, formulate strategies, and are able to implement all of this wisely in daily practice. All of this will be explained in lectures organized by the Faculty.

Second, Philosophy is needed to create human resources who have thorough and in-depth knowledge about human life. With that, it is hoped that graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy will be able to help create a critical academic climate, both internally in higher education institutions and in the wider community. The hope is that the Faculty of Philosophy will be able to produce future nation thinkers, strategic decision makers, and professional workers in various fields of life.

Vision and mission

The formation of an academic community that is reflective, critical, creative, and excels in philosophical studies of fundamental issues with a focus on Applied Ethical Studies and Divine Philosophy, imbued with the spirit of social responsibility and based on Pancasila values and Catholic principles.


  1. Organizing lectures that develop methods of philosophical thinking, mapping the history of world thought, criticizing fundamental issues related to the world, humans and God are encouraged by a sense of love for truth
  2.  Menyelenggarakan pendidikan tinggi untuk menghasilkan sarjana filsafat yang kompeten dalam kajian Etika Terapan atau Filsafat Keilahian yang berfokus pada Thomisme serta memperjuangkan nilai-nilai Pancasila
  3. Carrying out research in the field of philosophy with a focus on the study of Applied Ethics and Philosophy of Divinity that are relevant to social change
  4.  Organizing routine and programmed community service, especially in the field of character education and strengthening ethical values in society
  5. Developing the Philosophy Study Program governance system as best as possible to support the process of teaching, education, research and community service
    6. Establish cooperation with various institutions, both domestic and foreign, to support teaching, research and community service processes.
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